Bio-Fluid Laboratory


Bio-fluid laboratory is hosted under the IJN – UTM Cardiovascular Engineering Centre. Biofluid Lab is a lab concentrating on almos all aspects of fluid dynamics in biomedical engineering especially those related to cardiovascular system. In particular, this lab focuses on computer simulation using computational fluid dynamics software such as Fluent, or CFX to simulate simple and complex flow situation within the human body as well as condition affected by implanted medical devices such as stent, or left ventricular assist device. There are also facility to make model for fluid flow experiment such as silicone model maker equipment, degassing chamber, digital and manual flowmeter, as well as peristaltic pump and mock circulatory loop.




      • Lubricated Compressor
      • Fume ExtractioN
      • Rothenberger Roairvac 6.0
      • Vacuum Chamber , Smooth-On
      • Set PC + Monitor + CPU + Printer
      • Peristaltic Pump
      • Mock Circulatory Loop
      • Fluid Flowmeter
      • High Performance Computer (HPC)

Analysis Service

Any inquiry may contact directly to a person in charge.


Person in Charges:

        1. Azren Azrey B Mohd Hashim (012-3078064)

Contact Number: +607–555 8548

Email  Address:

Fax: +607–555 8553