Regardless of any remaining hurdles, iHumEn is committed to realising our mission and vision through the bi-annual publication of iHumEn Bulletin Issue 6/2022.

For this issue, we are delighted to present a detailed content, beautifully written article of all activities and programs conducted by all iHumEn research centres and collaborators related to sustainable innovation and strategic development for service, research, and academics in science, medicine, and technology.

I extend my congratulations to the team of editors and fellow members of iHumEn for their dedication, unwavering support, and resilience through the work of producing this bulletin. The iHumEn Bulletin Issue 6/2022 tells an outstanding achievement and success for the past few months with every team member’s extraordinary commitment and exceptional leadership.

To all the readers, enjoy reading and happy exploring this insightful bulletin. We sincerely hope that may this bulletin widens your knowledge, and bring more value and impact to everyone who reads it.

Prof. Dr. Mohd Sharizal Sunar
iHumEn Director