It is wonderful to see you again in the iHumEn bi-annual bulletin. iHumEn, as a research institute at UTM, has continued its operation after COVID-19 nationwide lockdown. Regardless of any remaining hurdles, we hope that iHumEn researchers and collaborators will persevere in realising our vision and mission.

iHumEn Bulletin Issue 5/2022 will take the readers through the most recent news, views, and information about iHumEn and UTM. In addition, this bulletin also provides significant content related to sustainable innovation and strategic development for services, research, and academics in science, medicine, state-of-the-art technology, and engineering.

On behalf of iHumEn, we sincerely hope that this insightful bulletin will impact your reading. May this iHumEn Bulletin Issue 5/2022 bring more value tremendously and remain relevant to everyone who reads it. Lastly, we are in honour and always look forward to welcoming you to our excellent institute and campus.

iHumEn Director