Setting goals for the yearly planning will give the organization a sense of purpose. It will support the team to focus and direct the limited time and energy towards what’s essential. The strategic meeting of (Electromagnetic Compatibility) EMC Laboratory was held virtually on 14 January 2021 through Google Meet Application. This meeting was hosted by the IJN-UTM Cardio Centre and co-organized by the School of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences (SKBSK). The meeting was attended by Dr. Ahmad Zahran Md Khudzari, Director of IJN-UTM Cardio Centre, Mr. Muhammad Akmal Ayob, Research Officer and the team of EMC Laboratory.

The inputs of the discussion addressed the laboratory activities, including the maintenance and calibration facilities, hands-on training on the existing equipment to the new user, the monitoring of the frequency of usage of the laboratory, promotion on the on-going research and innovation, and the laboratory housekeeping.

For IJN-UTM Cardio Centre and SKBSK, annual planning on the laboratory is one of the scopes of the centre and school activities. To design, draft, and plan the laboratory program effectively throughout the term is essential in ensuring sustainable development goals (SDG) through research and innovation could be achieved and meet the global standard. It is hoped that the centre and school can execute the planning of each activity successfully, develop and grow the EMC Laboratory to be more significant either at the local or international level.