Facility – Actuator and Automation Laboratory


Actuator and Automation Lab (A2Lab) was formed in 2010 by Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Ahmad Athif Mohd Faudzi. The lab is affiliated under Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIRO UTM) and associated with IJN–UTM Cardiovascular Engineering Centre (IJN). The laboratory conduct research on research related on actuators (soft mechanism, pneumatic, hydraulic), underwater robots, field robotics, system integration, predictive control system, bio-inspired robotics and rehabilitation robotics. The laboratory provides the machinery, tools and equipment services to facilitate research prototype and product development for students and researchers.



    1. 3D Printers
        • 3D printer Anycubic
        • 3D printer Ender PLA
        • 3D printer Ender Resin
    2. Fabrication tools
        • Mayku Foambox
        • Laser cutter machine
        • Stand Drilling machine
        • Bandsaw machine
        • Cut-off Saw machine
        • Welding machine
        • Workbench tools
        • Hotplate & Magnetic stirrer
        • Oven redline by Binder
    3. Electronic tools
        • Soldering and De-soldering tools
    4. Robotic Arm
        • ABB Robotics Arm
        • Universal Robotics Arm
        • Dobot Magician Robotics Arm
    5. Sensors and actuators
        • Force sensor
        • Weighing balance
        • Pneumatic and Hydraulic System
    6. Air Compressor
    7. Vacuum Desiccator
    8. Robotics Kit for Training – Line following Robot
    9. Desktop with Marc Simulation Software
    10. Workstation

Analysis Service

Any inquiry may contact directly to a person in charge.


Person in Charges :

        1. Prof Ir Ts Dr Ahmad Athif Bin Mohd Faudzi

Email  Address:  a2lab.utm@gmail.com/ athif@utm.my

Contact Number : +607-5558576

Address: 02-62-01, Level 2, V01 (Block B) Faculty of Engineering, UTM Skudai, Johor, Malaysia