Facility – Sports Biomechanic and Motion Analysis Lab


Sports Biomechanic and Motion Analysis Lab is affiliated under Sport Innovation and Technology Center (SITC). Our team consists of sport scientist, biomedical engineers and biomechanist work collaboratively to conduct research in various area including motion analysis, sport performance, assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering. Biomechanics uses techniques including mathematical modelling, computer simulations and measurements to enhance sport performance and reduce injury. It can be applied to a wide variety of sport and exercise activities in order to: Identify optimal movement patterns to improve sport-specific techniques.  Althought the differences in improved mechanics can be subtle, they are very effective in reducing injury and improving performance. Movement analysis can also help determine the types of sport-specific and supplemental training, such as resistance training, that can improve performance. 


    1. – Vicon Motion Capture Analysis System
    2. – Force Plate Measurement
    3. – Model: Vicon Nexus 170816-5683
    4. – Manufacturer: Oxford UK
    5. – Delsys Wireless EMG


Booking Fees :

  1. Charge for one day (8am-5pm) : RM 250 (RM 50 Deposit)
  2. Charge for half day(8am-12pm) : RM 150 (RM 50 Deposit)  
  3. Charge for one hours or two hours activity : RM 50 (RM 30 Deposit)


Person in Charge:-

        1. Dr. Aizreena Azaman (012-970 6645)
        2. Muhammad Zharif Bin Muhamed (011-2071 2892)

Contact Number: 07-555 8535

Email Address:

        1. aizreena@biomedical.utm.my
        2. sitc@utm.my

Lab Location: Motion Analysis Lab, 1-23-01, Wing C Block V01, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor.