Facility – Mechanical Properties Laboratory


Mechanical Properties Laboratory is hosting under Medical Devices and Technology Centre (MEDiTEC). This lab consists of Tensile Tests performed on metals and plastic materials. Sample standard forms and test methods are detailed in British Standard 18 for metals and British Standard 2782 for plastics. Universal Testing Machine (Instron) or Universal Testing Machine used in industrial and research laboratories. Apart from performing tensile tests, such machines can perform compression, shear, and bending tests. Loads can be applied hydraulically or electrically. Most of the current machines are controlled with electronic control systems and can record test data automatically.



INSTRON Testing Machine

      • INSTRON 8874

Analysis Service

Any inquiry may contact directly to a person in charge.


Person in Charges:

        1. PM. Dr. Ardiyansyah Syahrom (019-707 0744)
        2. En. Mohd Syafiq (013-761 5770)
        3. En. Norazwan (017-733 1830)

Contact Number: +607–555 7771

Email  Address:

        1. ardi@utm.my
        2. e.msyafiq@utm.my
        3. arnorazwan@utm.my 

Lab Location: Mechanical Properties Lab , 01-05-01, Wing C Block V01, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor.