Facility – Sports Testing Lab


Sports Testing Lab is affiliated under Sport Innovation and Technology Center (SITC). Our team consists of sport scientist, biomedical engineers and biomechanist work collaboratively to conduct research in various area including motion analysis, sport performance, assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering. Fitness assessments consist of different types of tests and exercises used to determine your overall health and physical fitness level. These tests typically assess your strength, endurance, and flexibility. Therefore, sport testing lab offer fitness test consultation as example Strength, Balance, Agility, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Bmi and Hand Eye Coordination Test. Fitness testing helps the fitness professional to measure and review a client’s progress and develop a programme to suit. Measuring a client’s progress is an important part of personal training, whether it’s noting when a client has succeeded in lowering their blood pressure or measuring a decrease in body fat.


    • Dialysis Wireless EMG System
    • EMG, ECG, EEG System Device
    • Simulation Badminton Court
    • Fitness Testing Devices Technology


Booking Fees : 

    1. Charge for one day(8am-5pm) : RM 250 (RM 50 Deposit)
    2. Charge for half day(8am-12pm) : RM 150 (RM 50 Deposit)  
    3. Charge for one hours or two hours activity : RM 50 (RM 30 Deposit)


Person in Charges :

          1. Dr. Kamarulzaman Soed (013-7319092)
          2. Muhammad Zharif Bin Mohamed (011-20712892)

Email  Address: sitc@utm.my

Contact Number : 07-5558535