Facility – Virtual Reality Simulation Lab


Virtual Reality Simulation Lab is affiliated under Sport Innovation and Technology Center (SITC). Our team consists of sport scientist, biomedical engineers and biomechanist work collaboratively to conduct research in various area including motion analysis, sport performance, assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering. Virtual Reality Training is the digital simulation of lifelike scenarios for training purposes. Using the headset and controllers, trainees look, speak, and move about freely in a 3D virtual setting, interacting with simulated real-world tools, machinery, and other trainees and instructors. Virtual reality is the presentation of a user interface in 3D. While monitors and TV screens only allow a limited 3D experience, virtual reality can be a 360-degree immersive experience, where computer-generated graphics help create things as close to reality as possible. Virtual reality is used in many areas of sport and healthcare, in a variety of applications. These include medical training, for both doctors in training and students, patient treatment, medical marketing, and educating people about a disease or medical condition or process.


    • Automatic cave 3D
    • Wearable Sports Devices
    • Rehabilition Technology Devices
    • Medical and Healthcare Devices
    • High End Projector
    • High End Computer


Booking Fees :

  1. Charge for one day(8am-5pm) : RM 250 (RM 50 Deposit)
  2. Charge for half day(8am-12pm) : RM 150 (RM 50 Deposit)  
  3. Charge for one hours or two hours activity : RM 50 (RM 30 Deposit)


Person in Charges :

        1. Dr. Mohammad Najeb Jamaludin (013-719 0670)
        2. Mohammad Zharif Bin Mohammed (011-2071 2892)

Contact Number : 07-555 8535

Email  Address: sitc@utm.my

Lab Location: Antarctica Lab, Level 1, Wing C Block V01, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor.