Ts. Dr. Hadafi Fitri Mohd Latip E-Sports Club Advisor Sports Innovation Technology Centre (SITC) Institute Human Centre Engineering (iHumEn) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

E-Sports is a large industry that can potentially provide high-quality jobs including software developers, engineers, graphic designers, illustrators, and even e-sports marketers and advertisers. The Budget 2019 announcement by government proves a point that e-sports isn’t something to be looked down upon and instead it is a legitimate field and career where youth can pursue their passion for e-sports and games.

E-sports is a growing part of the ecosystem. This will give Malaysia the opportunity to groom new talents in the ecosystem that can become champions in E-sports. In addition, the creation of video games is also suitable based on our personality type. It shows everyone can play a role in E-sports Ecosystem.

Wondering what video games should you play next? Well, let’s spice things up a bit, shall we? You know what, maybe this time, you should try out new video games according to your Enneagram Personality Type. What is Enneagram? According to Tuity.com, it is a system of personality typing that explains patterns in how people conceptualize the world around them and how their emotions are managed.

You can check out Truity.com to take their free test to get some grip about your personality type. Like any other similar personality types, it is not necessarily accurate, but you will find it interesting as you can somehow get to know yourself a bit even just on the surface level. Moving on, here are some of the video game suggestions for you to try.


Perfectionists are your natural born leaders. They are responsible, serious, and they usually seek for improvement and like to pursue the greater good. I think Light Yagami from Death Note would fit right into this personality type. Some of the Perfectionist’s Characteristics:

  • Serious and straight forward
  • Hardworking
  • Highly capable to concentrate
  • Practical, diligent

Based on these characteristics, I think Real Time Strategy, Survival, and Resource Management games would suit them as they enjoy creating a structural environment for themselves. Video games that I think they would enjoy are something like Minecraft or The Forest.


The Achiever would be your stereotypical Extroverts. They crave to give 110% of their effort in doing things thus making them some of the most fired up people. Think of Natsu Dragneel from Faity Tail, I think he could be considered as the Achiever. Some of the Achiever’s Characteristics:

  • Charismatic
  • Accomplishment seeker
  • May have interest in performing arts
  • Busy and on the go

I would suggest them to play Adventure based games and also Choices Matter games as they are highly adventurous, and they like to make a decision for themselves. Thus, games like Pokemon and Until Dawn would definitely keep them entertained.


The Investigators are independent and inquisitive. They like to wonder about how the world works and they could be very analytical. They usually are introverted, minimalist, and they could also be quite insensitive due to their non-conformist personality. L. Lawliet from Death Note fits this personality type perfectly. Some of the Investigator’s Characteristics:

  • Appears absent minded
  • Knowledgeable, insightful
  • Reserved, independent
  • In their own world

Personally, I enjoy a puzzle based and mystery/horror games. If you are a Type 5, maybe you would appreciate games like Baba Is You or Outlast.


Enthusiasts are bursts of energy. They are what could be considered as the life of a party or the happy pills. They always view the world in a positive manner, similar to a precious little child. They probably behave like Haruhi Suzumiya. Some of the Enthusiast’s Characteristics:

  • Always moving around
  • Full of energy
  • Curious, eager
  • Optimistic, upbeat

Among those popular kids that you have seen, one of them got to be an Enthusiast. They are generally well-liked and have no problem hanging around with their peers. Thus, I figured that any team-based and MMORPG games would suit them perfectly. They could also enjoy games that have colourful and bizarre concepts. Dragon Raja or Fortress 2 seems like something that they would enjoy playing.

Playing esports is a cooperative activity. Just like a rugby or football team, each player on the E-Sports team has a role to play. Research conducted by cognitive neuroscientist Daphne Bavelier confirms that some action video games have positive effects on the brain. So remember that gaming is more than just a little “fun”: it’s an entire industry, career, and passion. If you have done it smartly and enjoyed, e-Gaming can be very good for you.

This news was originally published at https://news.utm.my, “Video Games That You Should Definitely Check Out Based On Your Personality Type”, 14 Apr 2020, UTM NewsHub.