The Ministry of Health Malaysia and UTM are collaborating on a new prototype ventilator device, which will serve as a backup measurement in the ongoing fight against COVID-19 pandemic. Under the aegis of Collaboration Engineering Services Division, the device known as Medical Ventilator Apparatus will serve as an alternative solution for the ministry if the demand for ventilators in intensive care units (ICUs), nationwide, exceed the available supply. The dean of the UTM Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir stated that the device is based on an open-source design, originally drafted by a team of engineers in Poland.

The media briefing was officiated by the Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Adham Baba. He said, “We utilized the design and made several adjustments to it. Theoretically, it is ready for use, but we have sent it for approval to the Medical Device Authority” during the media briefing at the ministry complex.

Prof. Rafiq, who also a research fellow of SITC, mentioned that the prototype will also utilize 3D printing to produce several parts of the device, thereby making it more accessible.

“The device will also be tested thoroughly to ensure its functionality and efficiency. It should be noted that, the ventilator prototype is for emergency usage, in contrast to the standard ventilation units in hospitals which are more permanent,” he said.

The ministry and UTM are also in collaboration with Radicare (M) Sdn. Bhd. to develop a prototype splitter kit, aims to provide breathing assistance for COVID-19 patients in ICUs. Similar to the ventilator prototype, the splitter kit will also use 3D printing and is based on a concept originally designed by a team of medical specialists from the Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine University in Vermont, United States.

“The splitter kit will enable a standard ventilator unit to be shared by two patients when receiving breathing assistances, if the COVID-19 infection pandemic in Malaysia reaches the critical level,” said Prof. Rafiq.

Ventilator machine developed by iHumEn dan UTM Experts

Prof. Rafiq give a briefing about the prototype at the media session

UTM Experts exhibit the prototype during media briefing

“This news was originally published at, “Health Ministry, UTM collaborate on three projects for COVID-19 care”, 13 Apr 2020, Malay Mail.”