iHumEn offers training and working experience to UTM active students through Job on Campus (JoC)

iHumEn offers the opportunity to active UTM students to participate in Job on Campus (JoC) at iHumEn institute. There are five positions offered at iHumEn, namely Executive Manager, Graphics and Multimedia Designer, Social Media Manager, Website Manager, and Commercial writer. To date, eight students have received training and working experience at iHumEn. They were given exposure and further assisted iHumEn in managing administration, designing posters for various programs at iHumEn, and managing iHumEn’s website and social media.

JoC is a self-improvement training scheme implemented by UTM Career Centre and jointly organized by iHumEn that provided part-time training opportunities in various fields to all active students of UTM. The training aims to create a holistic human capital with added value, enhance skills, and develop students’ personalities in preparation for stepping into the world of the working environment to empower the marketability of graduates.

JoC at iHumEn allows students to improve their skills, gain new experience and grow their leadership as an added value and preparation for facing into a more competitive and dynamic career realm. Active UTM students can apply this scheme through the JoC system, which can be accessed in the MyUTM / UTMACAD portal.