About MaGICX

Introduction, Vision & Mission


Established in 2013, Media and Game Innovation Centre of Excellence (MaGICX) is a strategic cooperation between Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) to support and promote the development and ecosystem of creative industry that focuses on gamification and enrichment of digital content. MaGICX will play an integral part as the anchor for the Iskandar Malaysia Innovation Valley envisioned to offer industry players/SMEs/clients technical expertise/consultation, research/product development, business development, publishing, marketing and/or training in producing commercially.

Aspires to create an environment that contributes toward talent development, industry promotion, knowledge-sharing, and international collaboration, MaGICX’s credits include projects related to augmented reality, mixed and virtual environment, image processing, computer vision, multimedia software engineering, medical computing, computer interaction, human interface, usability, animation and technology, speech and signal processing, visualization, multimedia and software innovation, and emerging technology.


To be the anchor for Games and Gamification industry & the nucleus for Iskandar Malaysia Innovation Valley.


To provide necessary support and technical expertise in research, business development, publishing, marketing and training for industry players to develop commercially viable products and services


Create a stimulating environment where everyone (internal teams, partners, businesses, researchers) will be inspired to be the best.


Nurture a winning network of researchers, businesses, investors, experts, students and consumers to continuously deliver


Be at the forefront of technological, social and business developments that will have an impact on the games & gamification industry.


Contribute to the effort in the development of human capital, which is the core fundamental of growth.


Create a portfolio of products that are commercially viable and able to enhance our brand name in the games and gamification industry.


Initiate and engage in activities that will promote our capabilities in games research, design, and development.