Our Services

MaGICX provides consultation and content development that focuses on Incubator programme, AR/VR solutions, Kinect enchacements, game & gamification, mobile & web app development, as well as our training & learning programme

MaGICXcel Incubator Centre

Our MaGICXcel Incubator centre offers great working space & facilities, expert mentorship and sustainable to start-up

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality creates a new and innovative way to inegrate technology into the real world to build new and exciting interactive experiences.

Kinect Enchancements

Harness the capabilites of the Microsoff Kinect to develop new and Interactive customer information centre

Game & Gamification

We are able to develop applications that uses the concept of game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.

Mobile & Web App Development

We can develop beautiful and functional mobile & web applications and deliver the best solution for your business needs.

Training & Learning Programme

We provide various training courses that focuses on games development, mobile & web development and Augmented Reality development which varies from juniour to professional level.

Virtual Reality

We are able to create interactive three-dimentional, computer generated environment which creates an immersive experiences for users

MaGICXplore R&D Network

Tapping into our academia network headed by our research arm UTM-IRDA Digital Media Centre, we are able to advance our technical capabilities based on key research topics and conduct knowledge sharing sessions to the public.