The Virtual Breakfast

The Virtual Breakfast, inspired by Swansea University’s Visible Lunch, is a weekly session where researchers and scholars interact. Each session last for an average of one to two hours. During these sessions, both academic and non-academic matters are discussed with the aim of fostering the development of a good learning and research culture among MaGIC-X members. Each week a Ph.D and a masters student are scheduled to present their progresses. It is also a session to discuss the current trends in the dynamics of selected areas of computer graphics with particular reference to SIGGRAPH papers and proceedings.

After each presentation, members of MaGIC-X are encouraged to make comments and suggest ideas that could help the presenter move forward in the right research direction. It is also a good way for the supervisors to monitor the progresses of their respective students. Scholars and other professionals are cordially invited to attend these sessions.


Day: Tuesday
Time: 10:00
Venue: Innovation Hall, UTM-IRDA Digital Media Centre
Frequency: Weekly

Prior notice will be given should there be any changes to the time and venue.

Slide Template

Members are encouraged to use the following templates for their presentation.


Every member of MaGIC-X is required to give feedback on the presentation made by each presenter during each session.

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