The regular maintenance and calibration on electrospinning were conducted on 10 March 2021 at the Biocompatibility Laboratory. The calibration procedure was led by Dr. Ahmad Zahran Md Khudzari, the Director of IJN-UTM Cardio Centre, Mr. Muhammad Akmal Ayob, the Research Officer at IJN-UTM Cardio Centre, and the team of vendors from the industry.

Maintaining the equipment and facility is one of the scopes of the centre’s activities. IJN-UTM Cardio Centre took effective measures and played a significant role in ensuring the asset is well maintained and reliable for teaching and learning, laboratory purposes and testing procedure on related fields, research and innovation.

As safety is one of the main concerns regarding its usage and functionality, the centre has purchased cover containers with high-end safety features. The technical team successfully fixed this safety feature in enhancing and improving the safety of electrospinning facilities at the Biocompatibility Laboratory.

For IJN-UTM Cardio Centre, maintenance and calibration of facilities and assets management is an essential component of a well-functioning production. It’s also a part of the responsibility that should be addressed by the authority and everyone who uses it. In addition, it helps and supports the centre and UTM as a whole to maintain the resources while controlling time and costs to ensure the maximum efficiency of the research and production process, the utilities and related facilities.