Institute of Human Centered Engineering (iHumEn) successfully organised the Excellence Awards Ceremony (MKiNE) 2022 on 19 May 2022 at Hotel KSL & Resort, Johor. MKiNE 2022 celebrates and appreciates the achievements and contributions of its staff and members throughout 2021.

iHumEn is committed to rewarding and recognising employees, which leads to greater employee engagement, increases retention and helps create a more positive workplace.

In addition, togetherness and consensus to achieve the planned aspirations should be practised to increase organisational value, team effort, customer satisfaction, and motivate staff to foster excellence in the workplace.

During the event, there are several awards given to the recipients based on the outstanding achievement and impactful contributions given to iHumEn, the University, and the community. The recipients of MKiNE 2022 are shown on the bulletin.