Prof. Dr. Ida Idayu Binti Muhamad

Niche Area : Bioprocess, Food and Biomaterials Engineering, Nutraceuticals and Drug Delivery System

Professor Ida Idayu Muhamad received her PhD degree in chemical engineering in 2004. She is a Professor in Bioprocess Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, a Research Fellow of the Institute of Human Centred Engineering (iHumEn UTM), a chartered engineer (IChemE UK) and founder of the Food and Biomaterial Engineering Research Group. She served as the chairman of the Scientific Advisors also head of Biomaterial Cluster for the IJN-UTM Cardiovascular Engineering Centre (2011-2013) and led the Bioprocess Engineering Department (2010-2013, 2015-2017). Her research activities resulted in more than 20 intellectual properties, numerous awards including the IChemE Process Safety Award and Top Research Scientist Malaysia (TRSM), high impact peer-reviewed publications, supervision of more than 40 post-graduates, and post-doctorates. She conducted multi-year research and industrial based projects, and has trained employees from more than 30 companies in the field of sustainable hygienic design and best practices for manufacturing industries (Halal, GMP, cGMP). Her research interest covers a wide area of controlled release technology, functionalized nanomaterials, active-smart biopolymers, and applications in diverse fields.

Recent Projects

1. Active-smart packaging for insect infestation control

2. Development of Bioengineered Cardiac Patch by Using Biomaterial Polyhydroxyalkanoates

3. Traceability of Food Safety Hazards and Critical Point Along The Supply Chain of Seafood Industry in Malaysia.

4. High-Energy Nutrient-Dense Meal as Supplementary Functional Food For Undernourished Urban-Living Children.

5. Penggunaan Teknoloi Bagi Memperkasa Industri Tenusu Dan Pemprosesan Makanan Tempatan.


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Research Keyword : Controlled release technology, functionalized nanomaterials, active-smart biopolymers

Lab : 

Food and Biomaterial Analysis ALb (N29 SKT)
Biomaterial &DDS lab (V01 IJN-UTM)