Facility – ATL Lab


ATL Lab is hosting under Medical Devices and Technology Centre (MEDiTEC). Consist of Computerized Numerical Control Machine is a type of control system that uses the ability of a computer to store programs and output them to perform some or all of basic tasks. It has been programmed to operate in more than one direction of movement. The movement is called the axis. Movement can be straight or circular. There are 2 axes i.e. the linear axis is set as X, Y and Z, while the rotary axis is designed as axis A, B and C.



HAAS CNC Machine

      • HAAS OM-2A

Analysis Service

Any inquiry may contact directly to a person in charge.


Person in Charges:

        1. PM. Dr. Ardiyansyah Syahrom (019-707 0744)
        2. En. Mohd Syafiq (013-761 5770)
        3. En. Norazwan (017-733 1830)

Contact Number: +607–555 7771

Email  Address:

        1. ardi@utm.my
        2. e.msyafiq@utm.my
        3. arnorazwan@utm.my

Lab Location: ATL Lab , 01-52-01, Wing C Block V01, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor.