In line with the vision to become the globally referred centre in medical devices and mission to conduct research, development and commercialization of innovative and competitive medical devices technology, the MEDiTEC has successfully hosted the regular student’s symposium chapter on 18 March 2021 through Google Meet.

This symposium aims to create a positive and supportive research environment among the MEDiTEC students by sharing the outputs of their respective research. It became a platform to equip the students with the comprehensive preparation for an excellent presentation at the conference or viva session. It also provides opportunities for students to get feedback and provide solutions to the limitations and problems students may face throughout their research journey. The postgraduates and researchers of MEDiTEC have presented numerous research outputs. Most of the sharing focuses on areas of interest, including orthopaedic implant technology, medical informatics, bio-instrumentation and dental implant.

This regular student’s symposium has successfully gathered the students as well as the senior lecturer of MEDiTEC. The session ends with a great engagement of question and answer by the presenters and fellow participants.

This symposium gives an overview of one of the scopes of the centre’s activities, from education to research innovation, highlighting the research on critical health issues in our rapidly changing society through contribution from the MEDiTEC students and its members. In addition to promoting and facilitating research and education in medical devices and related disciplines and ensuring this research finds its way into the clinical setting to improve and enhance the quality of healthcare performance.