Dr. Ahmad Zahran Bin Md Khudzari

Niche Area : Biofluid Dynamics, Cardiovascular Engineering

Dr. Ahmad Zahran bin Md Khudzari is a staff at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia since 2007. He started his tertiary education at the Hokkaido University, Japan in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and graduated from there in 2001, after which he worked as an engineer for a few years before continuing at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for his Master of Science degree. He then applied for a lecturer post at UTM KL in 2007, before continuing his PhD at the Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom and graduated in 2012. He came back to UTM KL and shortly after transferred to the Faculty of Bioscience and Medical Engineering at Skudai campus in 2013. He became Deputy Director at the IJN – UTM Cardiovascular Engineering Centre since 2013 before became the Cardio Centre Director since 2017 until 2021. At present he is the Chair at the School of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences. His research interest is on cardiovascular engineering especially on the blood flow within the human cardiovascular system, as well as on few medical devices such as stent, left ventricular assist device, and cannula used in the heart lung machine (HLM). He also dabbles in biomechanics research especially on exoskeleton for human helper.

Recent Projects

    • Cannula for Heart Lung Machine


    • Institut Jantung Negara (IJN)
    • Universiti Tun Husein Onn (UTHM)
    • Universiti Sabah Malaysia (USM)

Selected Publications


Postgraduate Supervision


    • Nurul Natisya Binti Ahmad – Hemodynamic Effects On Thrombosis Formation In Patent Ductus Arteriosus Closure Device
    • Shirly Anak Empaling – Spiral Groove Bearing Characterization for Left Ventricular Assist Device
    • Mani Mohan Prasanth – Fabrication and testing of metallic nanofibers composite  with natural plant oils for wound healing applications.
    • Nadia Shaira Binti Shafli  – Rupture Prediction In The Middle Cerebral Artery (Mca) Aneurysm
    • Muhammad Rashidi Bin Abdul Kadir  – Flow-induced Platelet Activation in Restenosis Prediction
    • Maizatul Nadwa Binti Che Aziz  – Spiral Flow Inducing Cannula Effect on Blood Damage
    • Norazmein Bin Abdul Rahman  – Biomechanics Assessment of Exoskeleton Used By Medical Technicians
    • Wan Nor Syuhada Binti Wan Zahari  – Pulsatile Blood Pump for Univentricle Fontan Circulation Support


    • Siti Aisyah Binti Thomas – The Effect of Spiral Flow during LVAD Operation


  • Nofrizalidris Bin Darlis  – Canular Design and Optimization
  • Iskhrizat Bin Taib – Stent Design Optimization
  • Eva Christina Kaiser  – Development Of A Novel Biodegradable, Bioactive Membrane For Congenital Atrial Septal Defect Closure
  • Rochmat Himawan  – Microfluidic System On Cotton Fabric And Thread For Passive Cells Separation
  • Arunpandian Balaji  – Microwave Assisted Aloe Vera Coating on Metallocene Polyethylene For Improving Biocompatibility
  • Agnes Aruna  – Investigating The Blood Compatibility of Metallocene Polyethylene Subjected to Steam Treatment
  • Muthu Vignesh Vellayappan  – Blood Compatibility Assessment of Metallocene Polyethylene After Nitric Acid Treatment
  • Aruna Prihadharshni  – Inhibitory Effect of Gallic Acid Againts Colon Cancer
  • Muhammad Rashidi Bin Abdul Kadir  – Numerical Study of Hemodynamic Performance for a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)
  • Nadia Shaira Binti Shafi  – Feasibility Study of Colour Doppler Ultrasound (DU) as Flow Visualization Modalities for Spiral Flow

For More Info

Research Keyword: Biofluid dynamics, cardiovascular engineering, left ventricular assist device, rehabilitation

Lab: Biofluid Dynamics Lab