Dr. Izwyn Zulkapri 

Niche Area : Sports Science, Sports Performance Analysis, Health and Wellness

Izwyn Zulkapri is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences and an Associate Research Fellow in the Sports Innovation and Technology Centre (SITC). Born and raised in Johor Bahru, she graduated from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) with a Bachelor of Science with Education (Sports Science) degree. She was then appointed as a Tutor in UTM before pursuing her postgraduate study also in UTM. In 2016, she obtained her doctorate degree in the field of Health Science and was appointed to her current position. Izwyn’s research interest is mainly in Sports Performance Analysis which includes physical fitness assessment, sports biomechanics, and motion analysis. She is also actively involved with projects related to health and wellness as well as drone technology in education.

Recent Projects

    1. AOP Virtual Training
    2. Sports Science Course for Women Can Coach program
    3. Drone EduChallenge IR 4.0
    4. RCE Iskandar Sustainable & Low Carbon Schools Exhibition


    1. Badminton Asia
    2. Akademi Kejurulatihan Kebangsaan (AKK), Institut Sukan Negara

Selected Publications

  1. Frederick, M.F.A., Izwyn Zulkapri, Kamaruzaman Soeed, Iqbal Tariq,TiawaAwang Hj Hamid, AbdulHafidz Omar, Khairuddin Hasan, and Ali Md Nadzalan, “Validity and Realibility of Badminton Reactive Agility Tests System (BRATS) to Measure Changes of Direction Speed and Reactive Agility Performance”, TEST Engineering & Management, vol. 83, pp. 8972 – 8980, 2020
  2. Rahmad, N.A., As’ari, M.A., Soeed, K. and Zulkapri, I., “Automated badminton smash recognition using convolutional neural network on the vision based data”, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science And Engineering, vol. 884, 012009, 2020.
  3. Husnir Nasyuha Abdul Halim, Aizreena Azaman, Haidzir Manaf, Syafiqah Saidin, Izwyn Zulkapri, and Azli Yahya, “Gait Asymmetry Assessment using Muscle Activity Signal: A Review of Current Methods”, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 1372, 012075, 2019.
  4. Nurul Farha Zainuddin, Abdul Hafidz Omar, Izwyn Zulkapri, Mohd Najeb Jamaludin, Mohd Syafiq Miswan, “Brainwave Biomarkers Of Brain Activity, Physiology And Biomechanics In Cycling Performance”, Malaysia Journal Of Fundamental And Applied Science, pp. 533 – 539, 2017.


Postgraduate Supervision


  • Nur Fakhira Alya Mohd Ashari, PhD (Health Science) – Reducing the Risk of Horse Related Injuries Among Equine Practitioners Using A New Risk Management Framework
  • Jamaluddin Hakim, PhD (Health Science) – The Effectiveness of Kinesio Taping on Development of Semitendinosus Muscles in Horses
  • Nur Nadia Asyikin Mohd Salleh, PhD (Health Science) – Effects of Franklin Method Balls and Shortened Stirrups Towards Rider Asymmetry During Horse Locomotion


  • Siti Nur Hayati Hamsan, MPhil (Generic) – A Web-Based Resource in Current Design and Factors Contributing to Horse Stall and Outdoor Arena (Co-Supervisor)



    • Frederick Josue @ Mohd Fadhil Abdullah, PhD (Health Science) – Badminton Reactive Agility Tests System to Measure Changes of Direction Speed and Reactive Agility Performance (2021)
    • Nurul Farha Zainuddin, PhD (Health Science) – Cognitive Performance and Neural Efficiency of Tasks Difficulties in Cycling Within Virtual Reality Environment (2020), Co-Supervisor

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Research Keyword : Physical Fitness Assessment, Sports Performance and Motion Analysis

Lab : Sports Testing Lab and Motion Analysis Lab