Dr. Muhamad Noor Bin Harun

Niche Area : Biotribology, Implant Design, Product Design and Sport Biomechanics

Muhamad Noor is a senior lecturer at School of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Skudai since October 2000. Born and rise in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. He graduated from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam with Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) in 1999. Then, He pursued his post graduate study in 2001 and graduated with Master of Science in Engineering Design from Loughborough University, United Kingdom. In 2008, he completed his doctorate degree at University of Leeds, United Kingdom. His research interest includes Bio-tribology, Implant Design, Product Design and Sport Biomechanics. His recent research project including rowing performance, dimple design for metal-on-metal hip joint replacement and Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) application.

Recent Projects

    1. Investigation of biomechanical factor with influence of anthropometrics affecting optimum stroke technique for Malaysian elite rower.
    2. Micro fluidic behavior of dimpled surface in metallic hip implant for tribological performance.
    3. Basic investigation of flow characteristics through trabecular bone using fluid structure interaction.


1. Malaysia Sport Technology Association (MySTA)

2. Institut Sukan Negara (ISN)

Selected Publications

  1. M.A. Suarin1, M.J.A. Latif1, M.S. Zakaria, M.N. Harun and H.Q. Nguyen (2021), Effects of Total Disc Replacement on Range of Motion and Facet Stress in Lumbar Spine Using a Finite Element Analysis, International Journal of Nanoelectronics and Materials, Volume 14 (Special Issue) August 2021 p263-274.
  2. Rabiatul, A.A.R., Fatihhi, S.J., Md Saad, A.P., Zulfadzli Zakaria, M. N. Harun, M. R. A. Kadir, Andreas Öchsner, Tunku Kamarul Zaman & Ardiyansyah Syahrom (2021), Fluid–structure interaction (FSI) modeling of bone marrow through trabecular bone structure under compression. Biomech Model Mechanobiol, Volume 20, Issue 3, 957-968.
  3. Yusof, A.A.M, Harun M.N, Nasaruddin F.A, Syahrom A (2020), Rowing biomechanics, physiology and hydrodynamic : A Systematic review, International Journal of Sport Medicine (online published) 4. Mohd Syafiq Mohd Suri, Mohd Juzaila Abd Latif, Ardiyansyah Syahrom, Muhamad Noor Harun (2020).
  4. Influence of Dimple Depth on Lubricant Thickness in Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication for Metallic Hip Implants using Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) approach, Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Science, V16 (SUPP8), p28-34, August.
  5. Rizwana Seeni Ibramsa, Mohd Juzaila Abd Latif, Mohamad Shukri Zakaria, Muhamad Noor Harun, Jamaluddin Mahmud (2020), Finite Element Modeling of Articular Cartilage to Characterize Biomechanical Properties: The Effect of Cartilage Surface Curvature, Universal Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 8(4): 201-207.
  6. Fatihhi Januddi, Muhamad Noor Harun, Ardiyansyah Syahrom, Adnan Bakri, M. F. M. Alkbir (2020), Effect of Including Periodic Boundary Condition on the Fatigue Behaviour of Cancellous Bone, International Journal of Integrated Engineering, Vol12, No. 5 (2020), P70-80.
  7. Abdul Hadi Abdul Wahab, Amir Putra Md Saad, Muhamad Noor Harun, Ardiyansyah Syahrom, Muhammad Hanif Ramlee, Mohd Ayob Sulong, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir (2019), Developing functionally graded PVA hydrogel using simple freeze-thaw method for artificial glenoid labrum, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 91, 406-415 8.
  8. Ab Aziz Mohd Yusof, Fakhrizal Azmy Nasruddin, Muhamad Noor Harun (2019), Dynamic investigation of rowing propulsive mechanism due to rower stroke: Experimental and Computational fluid dynamic, Journal of Tomography System and Sensor Application, Volume 2, Issue 2.
  9. Yusof, A.A.M, Omar, A.H., Syahrom, A., Harun, M.N, (2018) Analysis of oar blade hydrodynamics for rowing propulsive mechanism: Experiment and computational fluid dynamics simulation, International Review of Mechanical Engineering, Volume 12, Issue 11, 2018, Pages 920-927.
  10. Kadir, M.R.A., Aziz, M.A.A., Padzillah, M.H., Harun, M.N., Osman, K., Rahim, A.A.A., Taib, M.E.A., Khudzari, A.Z.M. (2018) Numerical study of a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) with different blade heights and tip clearances, International Journal of Integrated Engineering, Volume 10, Issue 4, Pages 17-26 11.
  11. Amir Putra Md Saad, Rabiatul Adibah Abdul Rahim, Muhamad Noor Harun, Hasan Basri, Jaafar Abdullah, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, Ardiyansyah Syahrom (2017), The influence of flow rates on the dynamic degradation behaviour of porous magnesium under a simulated environment of human cancellous bone, Material & Design, 122, P268-279.
  12. Abdul Hadi Abdul Wahab, Mohamed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, Muhamad Noor Harun, Tunku Kamarul and Ardiyansyah Syahrom (2017), Number of pegs influence focal stress distributions and micromotion in glenoid implants: a finite element study, Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, Vol.55(3), pp:439-447.
  13. AH Abdul Wahab, MR Abdul Kadir, T Kamarul, MN Harun, A Syahrom (2016), Analysis on stress and micromotion on various peg fixation at glenoid implant, Tribology-Materials, Surfaces & Interfaces, 10(1), p26-32.


      Postgraduate Supervision


      • Fakhrizal Azmy Bin Nasaruddin – Optimum Stroke Technique For Malaysian Elite Rower
      • Safa Mohamed Ramadani– ACL Injury in sepak takraw


      • Siti Hajar Binti Abdul Jalil – Prediction Of Mechanical Properties On Perforated Hollow Sphere With Different Lattice Arrangement



        • Mohd Syafiq Bin Mohd Suri – Micro fluid behaviour on surface texturing in hip joint replacement using Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) method (2021)
        • Nor Liyana Safura Binti Hashim – Microcrack Characterization For Metalonmetal Hip Implant Of Textured Surface Using Electrical Discharge Machining (2020)
        • Abdul Hadi Bin Abdul Wahab – Glenoid Implant With New Artificial Glenoid Labrum Using Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogel In Minimizing Rocking Horse Phenomena (2018)
        • Rabiatul Adibah Binti Abdul Rahim – Investigating flow characteristics through trabecular bone using fluid structure interaction (2017)
        • Ab Aziz Bin Mohd Yusof – Hydrodynamic force of oar on rowing performance (2017)
        • Milad Heidari – Parametric Correlation Of Mechanical Loosening Of Total Elbow Arthroplasty Using Finite Element Analysis (2015)
        • Mohd Al-Fatihhi Bin Mohd Sazali Januddi – Monotonic and cyclic behaviour of trabecular bone under uniaxial and multiaxial loading


        • Thamilarasan Balasubramaniam – Embedding Touch Point Method As An Empathic Tool In The Early Phase Of Design Process Via Evaluation Of Creativity And User Benefits (2020)
        • Radiyah Ab Rahman – Physiological Response of Cyclist Position in Indoor Environment (2020)
        • Musfirah Azmi – Drug Deposition in Multi Stage Liquid Impinger as Simplified Lung Model Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (2019)
        • Norlisa Francis Nordin – Creative Cognitive Pattern of Engineering Designers During Concept Generation Stage Based on Linkography Analysis (2019)
        • Fakhrizal Azmy Nasruddin – Parametric study on conceptual badminton racket using finite element analysis (2015)
        • Amir Putra Md Saad – Development of computational wear prediction on total ankle replacement (2014)
        • Mohd Syafiq Mohd Suri – Lubrication effect of metal-on-metal hip joint replacement (2014)
        • Zainal Abidin Arsat – Numerical analysis of bovine trabecular bone by using physiological loads specific for normal walking and down stair (2013)

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      Research Keyword : Biotribology and Hip Joint Replacement