Dr. Nurwina Akmal Anuar

Niche Area : Sport Psychology

Have you heard of the saying, “ All I am armed with is research”. I can vouch for that. When I am stuck waiting for a long line for a payment at a cashier, I am not thinking about the weekend, I am trying to figure out the root cause for the social issue which always related to our life. When my uber grab takes anything less than the least efficient route, – I secretly cringe but still smile at the driver. I love thinking about how and why for an issue and working to improve and solve live cause issue. Which is what I get to do every day as senior lecturer and associate researcher at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Everyday I worked with intelligent people and smart students, discuss and revolve to improve well-being, and that add the bottom line value to a business. In my spare time, you will find me spend quality time with the families and close friends as I appreciates the relationship with people surroundings. You will always see me smiling while sitting silently on a couch but if you can look through my head, my mind is congested. I am dedicated, critical and fast learner with more than 10 years of academic experience..

Recent Projects

    1. The life time journey : Mental skills training for mental health.
    2. The effect of mindfulness intervention on  performance following self-control exertion,
    3. Imagery for paralympics athletes


    • University Sebelas Maret, and Scholar.1. Institut Jantung Negara (IJN)

Recent Publications

    1. Anuar, N. (2019). The relationship between imagery ability and mindfulness in promoting emotional intelligence and psychological well-being. Book manuscript in preparation
    2. Anuar, N., Williams, S.E. & Cumming, J. (2017). Do the Physical and Environment PETTLEP Elements Predict Sports Imagery Ability? European Journal of Sport Science. pp 1-9
    3. Anuar, N. (2017). Imagery ability in sport and movement. Book manuscript in preparation
    1. Anuar, N. (2020). Mental Health during pandemic. The 4th International Conference on Sports Sciences and Health (The 4th ICSSH, 2020), Malang Indonesia.
    2. Sulaiman, N., Anuar, N. & Yunus, W. M. A. W. M. (2020). The Development of Online Equine Therapy (iEAT). 8th International Graduate Conference on Engineering, Science and Humanities (IGSECH) 2020 Conference. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Malaysia.

    3. Anuar, N. (2017). The role of psychology in computer sciences. The 30th International Conference on Industrial, Engineering, Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems – IEA/AIE, “Workshop on CAnimAI: Computer Animation and Artificial Intelligence” Arras, France. 


For More Info

Research Keyword : Imagery, Mental Toughness, Mental skills trianing, Resilience and mental health.

Email : nurwina@utm.my

Scholar Publication Link : https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1905-989X

Personal Website : http://www.nurwinaanuar.com/