Dr. Siti Aisyah Mualif

Niche Area : Molecular Biology

Research interests include molecular biology, antibody production, viral protein expression and purification, and rapid disease detection kit.

Recent Projects

    1. Generation of single chain variable fragment antibody against CD80/B7-1 protein for minimal change disease.
    2. Investigation Of The Cd80/B7-1 Antibodies As Therapeutic Model For Minimal Change Disease.


      • MKAK Sungai Buloh
      • IPPT USM

Recent Publications

    1. Teh Y. M., Lim S. K., Jusoh N., Osman K., and Mualif S. A. (2021) CD80 Insights as Therapeutic Target in the Current and Future Treatment Options of Frequent-Relapse Minimal Change Disease, BioMed Research International, 6671552.


          • Teh Yoong Mond (PhD – Ongoing)

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    Research Keyword: Antibody protein production