Prof. Dr. Eko Supriyanto

Niche Area : Medical Imaging, Medical Informatics, Medical Electronics, Healthcare Management

Dr. Eko is graduated from University of Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany. His research area is application of technology IR 4.0 (Smart Sensor, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Image Processing, Cyber Security, and robotics) in healthcare. This include the development of telerobotic system for monitoring cardiac surgery and intervention, development of smart hospital, electromagnetic risk management, and artificial intelligence for health risk prediction. He published more than 240 Scopus indexed papers and registered more than 60 Intellectual Property Right (IPR). He is currently the General Chairman of Southeast Asia Institute for Transformative Technologies & Policies & the President of Indonesia Association of Hospital Engineering.

Recent Projects

1. TEE Telerobotics System

2. Electromagnetic Risk Management in Healthcare Institution

3. Artificial Intelligence for Health Risk Prediction


1. TU Ilmenau, Germany

2. Canon Medical System, Japan

3. Institut Jantung Negara, Malaysia

4. Universitas Indonesia

Selected Publications

1. A high-density 256-channel cap for dry electroencephalography

2. Evaluation of Factors to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic Using DEMATEL and Fuzzy Rule-Based Techniques

3. Automatic segmentation of skin cells in multiphoton data using multi-stage merging

4. A literature review on beneficial role of vitamins and trace elements: Evidence from published clinical studies

5. Digitization and Analysis of Capnography Using Image Processing Technique

6. Clinical Pathway in Cardiovascular Disease Management

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Research Keyword : Artificial Intelligence, Ultrasound Imaging, Telerobotics, Smart Hospital

Lab : Hospital Engineering Lab, Electromagnetic Compatibility Lab, DNA Analysis Lab, Ultrasound Lab and Echocardiography Lab

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