Prof. Dr. Mohd Hasbullah Idris 

Niche Area : Implant manufacturing, magnesium alloys, metal casting

Researches conducted on biodegradable implants are mainly aimed at decreasing the Mg degradation and corrosion rate by alloying Mg with Ca and Zn, surface treatment by hydrofluoric acid and coating with nano-sized HA and DCPD using electrodeposition method beside investigating the effect of processing technique on the degradation rate of magnesium alloys. These researches are meant to avoiding second surgical procedure for implant removal, thus reducing cost and risk to the patient. Works have also been conducted on developing rapid manufacturing approach to produce customise implant.

Recent Projects

    1. Project Leader. Porosity Evaluation and Mechanical Properties of Helium Sealed Hard Disk Drive Fabricated by Semisolid Forging Process. Research University Grant (Tier 1) worth RM40,000. Ref. no PY/2017/00283. 1st July 2017 – 30th June 2019.
    2. Project Member. Surface Modification of Plasma Sprayed DCL Thermal Barrier Coating for High Temperature Applications. Research University Grant (Tier 1) worth RM40,000. Ref. no. PY/2017/00579. 1st July 2017 – 30th June 2019.
    3. Project Leader. ‘Thermal spray coated cobalt-chromium-molybdenum loaded with silver nanoparticles for medical implants’. FRGS worth RM100, 000. Ref. no. PY/2016/06051. 2nd Nov. 2015 – 1st Nov. 2017.
    4. Project Member. ‘The effect of halogenated based ceramics on the degradation and bioactivity of biodegradable magnesium-based alloys’ FRGS worth RM103, 200. Ref. no. PY/2015/05371. 2nd Nov. 2015 – 1st Nov. 2017.


    1. Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, Dept of Orthopaedic, Kubang Kerian.
    2. OSA Technology Sdn Bhd.
    3. MEDITEC.
    4. PESAKO Technology Sdn Bhd.
    5. FRH Sdn Bhd

Recent Publications

    1. H Ghanvar, KA Jabbar, MH Idris, N Ahmad, MH Jahare, ASR Koloor, Michal Petrů. Influence of Barium addition on the formation of primary Mg2Si crystals from Al-Mg-Si melts. Journal of Materials Research and Technology. Vol. 11, March-April 2021, 448-465.
    2. N Iqbal, T Iqbal, HR Bakhshesi-Rad, A Alsakkaf, A Kamil, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, Mohd Hasbullah Idris, H Balaji Raghav. Zinc-doped hydroxyapatite—zeolite/polycaprolactone composites coating on magnesium substrate for enhancing in-vitro corrosion and antibacterial performance. Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China 30 (1), (January 2020). 123-133
    3. MH Jahare, MH Idris, MH Hassim. Effect of WEDM parameters on material removal rate and kerf’s width of cobalt chromium molybdenum using full factorials design. Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies, 1-14. (Published online 12 Oct. 2020).
    4. H Ghandvar, MH Idris, TAA Bakar, A Nafari, N Ahmad. Microstructural characterization, solidification characteristics and tensile properties of Al–15% Mg2Si–x (Gd–Sb) in-situ composite. Journal of Materials Research and Technology 9 (3), (May-June 2020). 3272-3291
    5. H Ghandvar, WF Faiz, TA Abu Bakar, MH Idris. The Simultaneous Effect of Extrusion Ratio and Solution Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Extruded Al-15% Mg2Si-1.0% Gd Composite. Materials Science Forum 1010, (September 2020) 166-171.
    6. IP Nanda, H Ghanvar, Mh Idris, A Arafat. Influence of Superheating Melt Treatment on Microstructure of Gd-Modified Al-15wt.% Mg2Si In-Situ Composite. International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering 17 (2), (April-June 2020). 7967-7973.
    7. MRM Kamal, NF Basilah, NFM Pzil, MH Idris, MS Salleh, W Ali. Effect of Plunger Speed and Solid Fraction on Automotive Component by Thixoforming Simulation. International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering 17 (2), (April-June 2020), 7942-7955.
    8. MRM Kamal, NF Basilah, MH Idris, MS Salleh, W Ali. Effect of semi-solid forming temperature and heat treatment on mechanical properties and microstructure of Mg-Al-Zn Alloy (AZ91D) for automotive light application. Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences 14 (4) (2020) December 2020, 7319-7327.
    9. IP Nanda, H Ghanvar, MH Idris, A Arafat. Role of Gd addition on machinability of Al-15% Mg2Si in-situ composite during dry turning. Communications in Science and Technology 5 (2) (2020), 65-69
    10. A Arshad, MAM Yajid, MH Idris. Microstructural characterization of modified plasma spray LZ/YSZ thermal barrier coating by laser glazing. Materials Today: Proceedings (In Press) Available online May 2020.
    11. ISM Zulkifli, MAM Yajid, MH Idris, MB Uday, M Daroonparvar, A Emadzadeh, A Arshad. Microstructural evaluation and thermal oxidation behaviors of YSZ/NiCoCrAlYTa coatings deposited by different thermal techniques. Ceramics International 46 (14), (October 2020). 22438-22451
    12. IP Nanda, MH Hassim, MH Idris, MH Jahare, A Arafat. Effect of mechanical tumbling parameters on surface roughness and edge radius of medical grade chromium alloy. International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology. Vol. 9 (2019), Issue 1, pp. 314-320.
    13. Mohd Hazwan Hassim, Mohd Hasbullah Idris, Muhamad Azizi Mat Yajid, Syahrullail Samion. Mechanical and wear behaviour of nanostructure TiO2-Ag coating on cobalt chromium alloys by air plasma spray and high velocity oxy-fuel. Journal of Materials Research and Technology. Vol. 8 Issue 2 (2019), pp. 2290-2299



    1. Majid Karimian; Lost foam Casting of Aluminium Alloy Co-supervisor
    2. Ali Akhavan Farid; High Speed Drilling of Al-Si (A383) Alloy Using Carbide Tools
    3. Saeed Farahany; Interaction Between Sr, Sb and Bi Modifier, and Al-Ti-B Refiner in Al-Si Cast Alloy
    4. Hassan Jafari; Precision Investment Casting of Magnesium Alloy by In-Situ Melting.
    5. Hamid Reza Bakhsheshi Rad; Enhancement of Magnesium Corrosion Resistance for Biomedical Application
    6. Amir Feredouni; Development of Mg-Zn Alloy as a Biodegradable Material for Biomedical Applications
    7. Mohd Rashidi Maarof; Manganese as Austenitic Matrix Stabiliser for Ductile Iron Ni-Resist Alloy Using In-Mould Magnesium Treatment Method
    8. Andril Arafat Suhasril; Hydroxyapatite Coating on Investment Cast 316L Stainless Steel for Implant Applications
    9. Omar Fauzan Marwah; Fabrication and Evaluation of an Investment Casting Pattern Using Rapid Prototyping Technique
    10. Mahtab Assadian; The Effect of Calcium Phosphate Coating Pre-Treated With Sodium Hydroxide and Polydopamine on Properties of Biodegradable Magnesium
    11. Ahmad Kafrawi Nasution; Novel Bone Fracture Fixator With Biodegradable Metal Anchorage to Minimise Surgery
    12. Intan Syaqirah Mohd Zulkifli; Investigation of Nanostructured Maerogel Coating on Inconel 625 for Low Pressure Turbine Blade Application
    13. Mohd Hazwan Hashim; Titanium Nitride Oxide Plasma Spray Coating on Cobalt Chromium Molybdenum for Medical Application
    14. Nor Aslinda Salleh; Investment Casting of Aluminium Alloy Using In-Situ Melting Technique
    15. Hamidreza Ghandvar; Effect of Co-Modification of Barium and Antimony and Melt Superheating Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-15%Mg2Si In- Situ Composite
    16. Mohd Hainol Zaman; Machinability of CoCrMo Alloys using high speed machining
    17. Yap Teik Hong; Fabrication of minitube for stent applications Main supervisor
    18. Muhammad Hafiz Jahare; Semi-solid forging of Aluminium DC12 for pressure tight applications
    19. Zulhelmi Alif Abdul Halim Development of silica aerogel-polyester composite for thermal insulation applications
    20. Azrina Arshad; Surface modification of plasma sprayed double ceramic layer DCL lanthanum zirconate thermal barrier coating system for high temperature applications.
    21. Mohammad Ridzuan Mohammad Kamal; Semi solid casting of Magnesium alloy AZ9iD
    22. Mohammad Zahran Zamir Ali; Shell mould properties of traditional materials approach in investment casting
    23. Mohammed Amin Borgzadeh; The effect of tool rotational and welding speed on microstructure of AA6061 and stainless steel 304 friction stir welding weldment
    24. Alireza Ismaeilzadeh; Machining procedure for milling curvature of proximal humerus head
    25. Soudeh Iranmanesh; Dewaxing of ABS rapid prototyping pattern for ceramic shell investment casting of proximal humerus
    26. Aaron Ang Hock Beng; Effect of mould cooling strategy on warping phenomenon in thin section aluminium die casting
    27. Ahmed Abdul Qader Ahmad Al-Sakkaf; Development and processing of Fe-Mg biodegradable alloy for biomedical applications
    28. Selvi Ezhenkowan; Development of iron-niobium-boron based material for hardfacing application
    29. Nurhaulia Razali; Relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties of nickel-aluminium bronze alloy solidified at different cooling rate and heat treated
    30. Zakaria Abas; Thermal analysis of a thin slab casting mould
    31. Lee Thuong Thai; The effect of bismuth, strontium and antimony additions on the microstructure and mechanical properties of A356 alumnium casting alloy
    32. Tan Chee Wayne; Effects of argon concentration and heat treatment on the behaviour of Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystal alloy
    33. Mahtab Assadian; The effect of surface treatment and electrophoretic deposition on corrosion of biomaterials
    34. Mohammad Reza Yavary; Effect of surface finish and taper angle on the junction strength of modular biomedical implant
    35. Seyed Morteza Ghaffari Shahri; Effect of solution treatment on corrosion characteristics of Mg-Zn alloy as biodegradable implant
    36. Mustafa Muniem Sabar; Effect of nitrogen pressure on Ti/TiAl coating on 304 stainless steel by PVD-DC magnetron sputtering
    37. Sasan Vosough Ghanbari; Enhancement of the mechanical properties of stainless steel 316L for biomedical applications
    38. Priyadarshini Subramaniam; Evaluation of ABS hollow and solid pattern for the production of long stem hemy Taught course Main supervisor
    39. Samir Sani Abdul Malik; Effect of zinc addition on the properties of magnesium alloys
    40. Meysam Keshavarz; Thermal barrier coating on gamma titanium aluminide by EB-PVD
    41. Seekayapatteda Bhupal Kumar; Properties of gravity die casting of magnesium and aluminium alloys
    42. Mohamad Ridzuan Mohamad Kamal; The effect of rolling temperature on the properties of biodegradable Mg-0.7Ca alloy for implant application
    43. Nur Farah Bazilah Wakhi Anuar; The effect of forging parameters on the properties of biodegradable Mg-0.7Ca alloy for implant applications 4
    44. Latifah Abdullah; Properties evaluation of organic binder system for core sand production application
    45. Mohd Zulhafiz Mohamad; Effect on adhesion quality of hydroxyapatite on investment casting mould
    46. Shervin Eslami Harandi; The effect of calcium content and forging parameters on the properties of biodegradable Mg-Ca Alloy
    47. Shariar Koleini; Properties of hot-rolled binary Mg-Ca alloy for use as biodegradablematerial within bone
    48. Mohamed Mishahir; Properties of hot extruded binary Mg-Ca alloy for use as biodegradable material within bone
    49. Rasoul Sadeghi; Effect of flux composition on melting behaviour of magnesium AZ91D alloy investment casting by in-situ melting technique
    50. Saad Rabia S. Alyam; The effect of coconut dust addition on the properties of green sand and investment casting moulds
    51. Ali Asghar Niakan; Lost foam casting of LM6-Al-Si Alloy Cast under pressure
    52. Alsalihin G. Khalifa; Lost foam casting of aluminium-silicon (LM6) cast alloy
    53. Abd. Basher; Lost foam casting of aluminium-silicon (LM6) alloy
    54. Wong Yun Hong; Metal filling characteristics of aluminium lost foam casting
    55. Soh Wen Hann; Effect of oil palm fibre addition on the mechanical properties of shell mould investment casting
    56. Amir Fereidouni Lotfabadi; The effect of pouring temperature on the quality adhesion of hydroxyappetite on 316L stainless steel
    57. Wan Sharuzi Wan Harun; Evaluation of ABS Patterns produced from FDM for investment casting
    58. Lee Thuong Thai; The effect of bismuth, strontium and antimony additions on the microstructure and mechanical properties of A356 alumnium casting alloy

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