Ts. Dr. Farhan Bin Mohamed

Niche Area : Data Visualisation, Human Computer Interaction and Computer Graphics

     Farhan is a senior lecturer at UTM and a fellow at the Media and Games Innovation Centre of Excellence (MaGICX). Currently, he is also an IEEE senior member, a committee member for IEEE Computer Society Malaysia, and a member for ACM MyHCI-UX Malaysia. Farhan was a member of 100 ACM Global Practitioner Advisory Committee 2017 -2018. He was a fellow for CEO@faculty 2.0 (2017-2018) attached to Huawei Malaysia. He received Royal Academy of Engineering United Kingdom, Leaders in Innovation Fellowship in 2017. Farhan was previously appointed as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of MaGICX Sdn. Bhd. (2015-2017).

     Education: Farhan received his PhD in Computer Science (Data Visualisation) from Swansea University in 2014. Farhan received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with the Excellence Student Award by Juita-UTM in 2003. He has been working on Web Performance Optimization for his Master of Science study which the work has received Gold award at Malaysian Technology Expo 2006 and Gold award at the International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva in 2006. Currently, his work focuses on digital branding, gamification, data visualisation and augmented and virtual reality. His research interests broadened to include visual analytics, visual metaphors, human-computer interactions, virtual environment, and procedural computer graphics.

Recent Projects

    1. UTM-TDR 34.1(T2): MyDNAmark Database Visualisation
    2. A Novel Intuitive Visualization Method for Mitochondrial DNA Data Exploration of Malaysian Species
    3. Tjap Go Meh – Introduction of Acculturation as Mutual Respect for Society


    1. UTM BIRG
    2. UTHM
    3. MJIIT
    4. Telkom University
    5. IEEE Computer Society

Recent Publications

    1. Ismail, M., Mohamed, F., Siang, C. V., Mokhtar, M. K., & Azizo, A. S. (2021). VR Welding Kit. JACTA, 3(1).
    2. Khudhair, Z. N., Mohamed, F., & Kadhim, K. A. (2021, April). A Review on Copy-Move Image Forgery Detection Techniques. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 1892, No. 1, p. 012010). IOP Publishing.
    3. Kadhim, K. A., Mohamed, F., & Khudhair, Z. N. (2021, April). Deep Learning: Classification and Automated Detection Earlier of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Brain MRI Images. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 1892, No. 1, p. 012009). IOP Publishing.
    4. Neamah, K., Mohamed, F., Adnan, M. M., & Thajeel, S. A. (2021, April). A Survey on Brain Tumor Diagnosis and Edema Detection Based on Machine Learning. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 1892, No. 1, p. 012040). IOP Publishing.



    1. Chan Vei Siang
    2. Zaid Nidhal Khudhair
    3. Muhammad Shamsul Alam
    4. Muhammad Ismail Bin Mat Isham
    5. Karrar Neamah Hussein
    6. Karrar Abdulameer Kadhim Zahid

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Research Keyword :Data Visualisation, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics

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