An insightful seminar on chemical and waste management was held on 5 August 2021. This joint event is hosted and organized by the Institute of Human Centered Engineering (iHumEn) and School of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences (SKBSK) of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). It was broadcast through the official Facebook Live of iHumEn and SKBSK and Dr Siti Aisyah Mualif, the Research Fellow of iHumEn, moderated the event. A thorough discussion was shared by the two invited speakers, Mrs Nursyazwani Aznan, Science Officer and Mrs Norlin Arsad, Assistant Science Officer from the Chemical Management Unit (CMU) of UTM.

The program begins with the welcoming address and a brief introduction about the speakers by the moderator, Dr Siti Aisyah Mualif. During the first session, Mrs Nursyazwani Aznan, the Science Officer of CMU UTM, delivered her chemical management presentation. She addressed the importance of an effective chemical management system as it is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the stakeholders and ensure proper compliance with safety, environmental and food safety policies. In addition, she highlighted the main principles in managing the chemical, including identifying the chemical hazard, assessing the risk of exposure, and controlling the threat posed by the hazardous chemical.

The seminar continued with the second session by Mrs Norlin Arsad, Assistant Science Officer, sharing waste management. She emphasized the responsibility and concern that need to be addressed on the effective ways of waste management. Proper handling and disposal of chemical waste are critical to everyone’s safety and environmental compliance. Hazardous waste poses risks to the surrounding air, water, and soil and harms the ecological environment and human health through diversified channels.

For SKBSK and iHumEn, a seminar on effective chemical and waste management is essential for everyone regarding its usage, expert handling and safe disposal. It’s also a part of responsibility and awareness that should be addressed by the authorities and everyone who deals with it. Managing chemical and hazardous waste is essential due to environmental health, social, and economic impacts. The two hours fruitful seminar has successfully gathered almost 230 viewers. The participation is mainly from iHumEn members and UTM staff, including academic, management, support staff, fellow students, and public audience.