The Institute of Human Centered Engineering (iHumEn) looks forward to accomplishing its vision and mission by enabling a strategic planning workshop (SPiNE) held on 18 May 2022 at KSL & Resort Johor Bahru. The two-day seminar successfully received about 33 participants, including academic and support staff.

The SPiNE was launched by Prof. Dr Mohd Shahrizal Sunar, Director of iHumEn. In the opening address, Prof. Dr Mohd Shahrizal strongly emphasised that SPiNE 2022 is symbolic of iHumEn’s commitment to achieving the Higher Institution Centers of Excellence (HiCoE) target. The SPiNE formulated a strategic plan for the sustainable development of iHumEn initiatives. Also, it ensured that iHumEn would excel and achieve the HiCoE 2022 target.

The SPiNE provides a medium of communication, knowledge transfer, brainstorming, and discussion among iHumEn members. It focuses on the strength and specialities of each research centre from various angles toward achieving the iHumEn strategic goals. Participants were divided into six groups based on their area of expertise and excellence in HiCoE 2021. They are required to discuss the 2022 strategy to obtain information and views from all iHumEn members for implementing the iHumEn 2021-2030 Strategic Map.

It is hoped that a comprehensive preparation of a well-established strategic plan for the next ten years could be achieved through SPiNE with great support, effort, and contribution from all researchers and iHumEn members.