In line with the increasing demands of the IR 4.0 revolution, IJN-UTM Cardio Centre and School of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences (SKBSK) took an effective strategy by having involvement and second opinion from the industry partnership. The synergy meeting with industry, Longe Medikal and Mugenros Engineering was held on 25 April 2021 at IJN-UTM Cardio Centre.

The meeting was hosted by IJN-UTM Cardio Centre and co-organized by SKBSK. The discussion was led by Dr Ahmad Zahran Md Khudzari, Director of IJN-UTM Cardio Centre, attended by Mr Muhammad Akmal Ayob, Research Officer at IJN-UTM Cardio Centre. SKBKS representative were Prof Dr Kahar Osman and Ts Dr Muhammad Hanif Ramlee while Longe Medikal and Mugenros Engineering have also send their respective representative.

Having strong collaboration and partnership with the industry is one of the scopes highlighted by the University. The engagement aims to collaborate and support the commercialization of research products. The team has successfully discussed several research projects with high potential to be commercialized, and carried on by both parties, the centre and industry.

The synergy between university and industry is relevant and significant. It provides a range of benefits, including exchanging and generating better ideas, support in learning and teaching, gateway to the numerous sources of information, research growth and development, and  enhancing innovation. It is primarily influences research projects and inventions for better opportunities in advanced technology and commercialization.